Truck and Off-Road Services Offered

A.R.E. Truck Cap Installation and Service:

Drew's Off Road is a premier A.R.E. Truck Cap dealer and certified installer. We regularly install fiberglass and aluminum deluxe commercial unit truck caps. We also can supply parts and perform service on A.R.E. Truck Caps.

Spray-on Bedlining:

Drew's Off Road offers high quality spray on bedlining for trucks and industrial applications. Our XTREME LINERS coating is a fast curing, durable non skid material that allows for quick turnaround. Most standard sized trucks can be sprayed and put back into service within 24 hours. Please call for pricing for your application.

Truck Leveling Kit Installation:

Leveling kits typically lift the front of your truck two inches to make the front level with the rear. This is a great way to give your vehicle a more aggressive stance and allows for larger tire sizes than stock. Typically leveling kits involve adding a spacer to coil spring front ends or a torsion key to torsion bar front ends. Typical install time is three hours.

Truck and Jeep Lift Kit Installation:

Lift kits will raise your truck for more ground clearance and larger wheels and tires for the ultimate off-road look and performance. Common street and off-road applications range from four inches to six inches of lift. Typical installation time for these kits is eight to ten hours. Please inquire for specific time and cost estimates for your vehicle.

Truck Lowering Kit Installation:

We install truck lowering kits for that street cruiser look. These kits will improve vehicle handling by giving your vehicle a lower center of gravity. Please inquire with your vehicle specifics for part availability and installation time.

Air Bag Helper Spring Installation:

Air bag helper springs are a great addition to trucks used often for towing and hauling heavy loads. Air bag helper springs will stiffen your vehicle's suspension to combat trailer sway and squatting under heavy loads. Air springs typically sit between the rear leaf spring and the vehicle's frame. There are many options available from basic remote fill airbag systems, to self leveling kits equipped with onboard air compressors.

Typical installation time for an air bag helper spring kit is two to three hours. Please inquire for specific time and cost quotes for your application.

Truck Bed Cover and Tonneau Cover Installation:

The are many different types of truck bed covers available. Drew's Off Road offers many different versions from traditional vinyl tonneau covers, to tri-fold covers and solid bed lids. Installation time for tonneau covers varies, but is typically one to two hours.

Please call to check on cover availability and installation time for your truck.

Truck Step Bar and Running Board Installation:

Step bars or running boards make getting in and out of your truck easier and add great looks to your truck. We offer many options of stainless and powdercoated running boards. We also offer automatically retractable running boards that tuck underneath your truck's rocker panels for a clean look. Installation time for standard non-powered running boards is typically one hour.

Please call to check availability and installation time for your truck.

Hitch Installation and Wiring:

Whether you need a hitch for your new truck or want to add a fifth wheel to your truck to tow your camper our technicians can get you towing with ease. Drew's Off Road offers receiver hitch and trailer wiring kit installations on many vehicles. Our technicians also regularly install fifth wheel and goose neck hitches on heavy duty trucks. Standard hitch installation takes one to two hours. Gooseneck and fifth wheel hitch installation time varies by vehicle. Please call to check vehicle applications and installation times.

Rain guard, Bug shield and Mud Flap Installation:

Rain guards, bug shields and mud flaps are great additions to protect your truck's finish and improve comfort. These are some of the first additions made by our customer's with new trucks. Installation time for these parts is fairly fast usually taking no more than 30 minutes. Please call for part availability and installation time.

Performance Engine Accessory Installation:

Want to give your truck more power or improve fuel economy? We offer installation for many common performance modifications like cold air intakes, performance exhaust systems and power programmer computers. Many brands are offered and installation time varies by part. Please inquire for pricing and installation time.

Truck Accessory Installation:

We offer a wide variety of exterior and interior truck accessories like chrome trim, grill guards and floor mats. Installation varies depending on the part, but we can offer installation service on any part we sell.